Education Period: 2012/09 - 2016/09

School: wuhan univerty of techinology

Major: architecture

Highest Degree: Bachelor's Degree




   English Mother Tongue Chinese Fluent French Fluent

Question:What services can you provide to other foreigners in China?


Given my skills in Chinese language, i would teach them some of the basic words to use in everyday life.


I would also help them with anything that involves talking to Chinese people, because i can speak the language


I would also help them to find perfect spots to visit during their stay in china


I have been in china for three years so i am familiar to the foods, i would help them pick the kind they can eat.


I already understand the lifestyle of china and the rules and regulations, i would help them adapt to them too.

Question:What services would be helpful to you in China?



Someone who understands the culture more to help me understand it too



An extra knowledge of the city dialects would also be helpful to me



I need someone to help me with medical terms because i always have a hard time talking to the doctors



I would also appreciate someone who would teach me about the marshal arts in china



I am also interested in Chinese ancient calligraphy.

Are you interested in the following:

Please select:(1 Very interested 2 Interested 3 Fair 4 Not interested 5 Don’t know)

A) English Courses; ( 4 )

B) Chinese and Ancient culture courses; (1  )

C) Global entrepreneur networking, parties and project PR; ( 1 )

D) International financial hedge fund projects and investments; ( 1 )

E) Charity events and planning; ( 1 )

F) Interns, foreigner employment projects locally and abroad etc. ( 1 )

Candidate:NKRUNZIZA RWEGO PIRRE CELESTIN                     

Nationality: RWANDA                     

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