Badreldin Mostafa




Jul 2016 MBA (IE business school)


May 2012 Certificate in Financial management (Cornell University)


Jan 2009 Bachelor’s Hons. Electronics and Electrical engineering (University of technology Petronas)


Jun 2003 Secondary Education certificate (College de la Sainte Famille a Jesuits school)  






May 2007-Jan 2008

· Company: Schlumberger BGC (Beijing geosciences centre)

· Location: Beijing, P.R. of China

· Title: Intern Software development

· Job description: Developing software for the oilfield industry using C# programming


· Company: Schlumberger

· Location: Cairo, Egypt

· Title: Measurements and Logging while drilling Field Engineer

· Job description: Provide real time drilling and petro-physical data to control well trajectories and determine underground geology and oil and gas content.


· Company: Schlumberger

· Location: Tanggu, P.R. of China

· Title:  Senior Measurements and Logging while drilling Field Engineer (Cell Manager)

· Job description: In addition to the field engineer responsibilities; senior field engineers manage all the MLWD operations on the rig while coaching new engineers.


· Company: Schlumberger

· Location: Tanggu, P.R. China

· Title: General Field Engineer ( Field Quality Champion + Directional Drilling trainee)

· Job description: General field engineer is a transition phase from field to office. Activities vary from working as cell manager in the field to assisting managers in office. Currently I am sitting as Field Quality Champion managing all related service quality issues in Tanggu; leading the quality steering committee to identify immediate and root cause for failures and lack of controls in quality management system. Additionally getting training and field exposure on directional drilling.




Key Professional certifications and training


Technical courses (MWD/LWD & Petro-Physics)


· Eng1 (Schlumberger Middle East learning centre Abu Dhabi):

Acquisition systems- Well surveying- MWD telemetry- Resistivity measurements- Gamma Ray measurements- Density- Neutron Porosity- Basic log interpretation

· Scope School (Schlumberger Siberian training centre Tyumen, Russia):

Well placement – Sonic measurements-Formation pressure while drilling

· Advanced interpretation (Schlumberger Sugarland learning centre Houston, USA):

Advanced log interpretations of LWD data and estimation of hydrocarbons in place.


Technical courses (Directional drilling & drilling engineering)


· Drilling operations (Schlumberger Europe learning centre, France):

BHA design- Hydraulics- Well design- Well control- wellbore stability- deflection methods- Motors- RSS rotary steerable systems- Anti collision


Managerial courses


· QHSE2 (Chengdu; China):

Quality, health, safety and environment management systems- Failure investigation procedures.

· OFS2

Basic Finance- Problem solving- Time Management

· OFS3 Managing people (Cairo, Egypt)

Personality assessments- Leadership styles- performance appraisals- Negotiation skills





MS Office, MATLAB, computer languages: Assembly, Verilog (for embedded

systems),C , C#, Excel , word, Powerpoint



· Arabic: Fluent in written and Spoken (Mother tongue)

· English: Fluent in both written and spoken

· French: Fluent in both written and spoken  (Completed DELF French proficiency test)

· Mandarin Chinese: Intermediate spoken and basic written (HSK level 3 currently preparing for level 4)



· Photography

· Fitness (proudly changed my life style from obesity to fitness)

· Science communication:

Volunteered  as a science communicator for children in Petro-Sains discovery centre in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Won best presentation award in high school about the Big Bang Theory

· Teaching

Volunteered as French teacher for two semesters as part of the International Cultural Club activities

· Adventurous travelling

Backpacked around most of Asia

Was part of the Scout activities during middle and High School

§ Joined a walking camp from Cairo to Suez city almost 250 KMs

§ Volunteered in helping Bedouin communities in Sinai

· Event Master of ceremony

I was chosen as master of ceremony for many events by my colleagues in university:

§ Euphonious band competition

§ Egyptian day

§ International Charity day 

Application form:

Question:What services can you provide to other foreigners in China?


Introduction to living in china


Introduce them to oil and gas industry in china





Question:What services would be helpful to you in China?







Job opportunities







Are you interested in the following:

Please select:(1 Very interested 2 Interested 3 Fair 4 Not interested 5 Don’t know)

A) English Courses; ( 4 )

B) Chinese and Ancient culture courses; ( 3 )

C) Global entrepreneur networking, parties and project PR; ( 2)

D) International financial hedge fund projects and investments; ( 1 )

E) Charity events and planning; ( 4 )

F) Interns, foreigner employment projects locally and abroad etc. ( 2 )

Candidate:        Badreldin Mostafa             Nationality: Egyptian       

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