Technical Skills:



: C Programming

Designing Software


Microsoft Tools

: MsWord & Ms Powerpoint

Operating System

: Windows XP

Educational Qualifications:


                     Course    :     Bachelor of Engineering

            University            :     A.U. College of engineering for women, A.P, India

                     Percentage          :     77.3%

                     Period      :     2010-2014



                     Course    :     Intermediate                  University            :     Board of Intermediate education, A.P, India

                     Percentage          :     93.6 %

                     Period      :     Completed in 2010


                     Course    :     10th Class

            University            :     D.A.V Public School, A.P, India

                     Percentage          :     68.9 %

                     Period      :     Completed in 2008



Name of the project  :   Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers 

      No. of individuals        :   04

      Duration                       :   3 months

      Software                       :   ANSYS V5 & CATIA

      Description of project :    The Aim of the project to design Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers of different number of tubes using Catia and Ansys V5.

Name of the project  :   Conversion of binding machines to strapping machines.

      Organisation                 :   Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, India

      No. of individuals         :   04

      Duration                        :   1 month

      Description of project  :  In this project we have learned how the work on binding machines can be converted to strapping   machines in LIGHT MEDIUM  MERCHANT MILL DEPARTMENT(LMMM).



Paper presentation :


· Certificate of appreciation in power point presentations.

· Merit Scholarship 2010.

· Participated in a workshop on “ Environmental Friendly Technologies For Engineering Students (WEFT)” in the year 2011.

· Gave a presentation on Nanotechnology at JNTU, Kakinada,India in march,2012.

· Attended and participated in a workshop on Robotics in Andhra University


Skills and Abilities:


· Good communication skills both written and verbal

· Open to learning

· Paying attention to detail

· Will use judgment to know when to ask for help and guidance

· Will take initiative and can work independently

· Resilient and able to work with multiple departments


· Playing chess

· Badminton and Table Tennis

Application form:

Question:What services can you provide to other foreigners in China?


I will help them by providing more and accurate information and by better understanding about our products and services in different languages(English ,Hindi ,Telugu ).



I will help them in managing their investment in our products financially.



 I will assure 100% quality for the foreigners ,so that they can invest faithfully on our products and they feel happy by our services.


I will politely explain them if they can’t understand and will be a helping hand for them in their decisions.



I will encourage them for the best and quality products for their trading business.


Question:What services would be helpful to you in China?




I would be helpful if they help me in providing information and ideas in those areas which I am not exposed to .



I would be helpful if they treat well and work together for the development of company.



I would be helpful if they mingle and share innovative ideas and take part in discussions which would be helpful for the growth of company and ourselves too.



I would be helpful if they provide me with new projects so that I will be exposed to those areas and share my ideas in those fields and I will be experienced.




I would be thankful to them if they are with me in making or taking decisions.

Are you interested in the following:

Please select:(1 Very interested 2 Interested 3 Fair 4 Not interested 5 Don’t know)

A) English Courses; (1 )

B) Chinese and Ancient culture courses; (2 )

C) Global entrepreneur networking, parties and project PR; (1)

D) International financial hedge fund projects and investments; (1)

E) Charity events and planning; (1 )

F) Interns, foreigner employment projects locally and abroad etc. ( 1 )

Candidate: Priyanka Kuna             Nationality: Indian        

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