Sergi Roca Laguna


Professional Experience

Time Period: 2013/10 - 2015/05

Company Name: Freelance

Occupation: Translation/Proofreading

Work Experience:
Catalan, Spanish, English, Chinese, German translation


Time Period: 2015/01 - 2015/02

Company Name: Trading

Occupation: Finance/Accounting/Banking

Work Experience:
Personal investments in currency and training through the usage of on-line demo accounts




Education Period: 2010/09 - 2014/06

School: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Major: Translation and Interpretation

Highest Degree: Bachelor's Degree


Education Period: 2014/09 - 2016/06

School: Renmin University of China

Major: International Business

Degree: Master's Degree

Language of instruction: Chinese




  Spanish Mother Tongue Chinese Fluent German Fluent English Fluent 

  French Conversational




Additional Information

Application form:

Question:What services can you provide to other foreigners in China?


Investing for them


Advice and guidance about life and business in China



 Translation and language services


Traveling information



Advice about when to exchange currency

Question:What services would be helpful to you in China?



Professional Training



Consultancy about business practices and regulations and (specially about investing in China as a foreigner)






Traveling information




Assistance for finding a suitable place to live

Are you interested in the following:

Please select:(1 Very interested 2 Interested 3 Fair 4 Not interested 5 Don’t know)

A) English Courses; ( 4 )

B) Chinese and Ancient culture courses; ( 3 )

C) Global entrepreneur networking, parties and project PR; (1 )

D) International financial hedge fund projects and investments; ( 1)

E) Charity events and planning; (3 )

F) Interns, foreigner employment projects locally and abroad etc. ( 1 )

Candidate: Sergi Roca Laguna                       Nationality:  Spanish     

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